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Sage, Texas

SAGE, TEXAS (Cenizo, Purple Sage)          
Leucophyllum frutescens
lew-co-FI-lum FRU-tes-sens                 

Evergreen – Sun    
Ht. 5’-7’ Spread 5’-7’  Spacing 3’



HABIT:  Compact, soft and slow growing. Silver gray foliage. Purple or
white flowers in summer. Will grow better if not overwatered.

CULTURE:  Any soil with good drainage. Drought and heat tolerant.

USES: Specimen, mass, summer, color, gray foliage.

PROBLEMS: Too much water can kill it quickly.

NOTES: ‘Compactum’ is the dwarf form, ‘Green Cloud’ has darker
foliage and ‘White Cloud’ has white flowers. Native to Texas and Mexico.


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