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 Salt – Is it really bad for you?

No,  just the opposite, it’s good for you, if you are using the right salt.

Regular white salt that is used by most restaurants and is in the cabinets and on most people’s food at home does have some problems. Sea salt is a better choice, but much of it comes directly from the ocean, which isn’t as clean as it once was. The other problem with most products is that additives have been used.

In my quest to find the best products to recommend to you, a clear winner jumps out in the salt category. Redmond Real Salt is completely natural and untreated, contains all the original minerals of the deposit, and tastes great. Most other salt products start out pretty good but after the various minerals are removed, there’s nothing much left but sodium chloride (NaCl) plus the not-so-good additions. Even most of the sea salts are drastically changed from their original form. Not Redmond.

Judy, Logan and I use a lot of Redmond Real Salt and consider it a health benefit. I recommend using it at home and taking one of the 2 oz. containers with you when travelling.

Learn more about Redmond Real Salt at these links: 
Redmond Salt and
  Redmond Salt FAQ. Here’s the visit I had with Darryl Bosshardt with the Redmond Co. on my- Radio Show on Redmond Salt.

                                           content_img.7235.img.jpg          content_img.7236.img.jpg
                              Real Salt Shaker (9 oz)    Real Salt Pouch (26 oz)

Products for pest control, lawn and garden care are available in independent garden retailers that stock organic products and online at the Natural Organic Warehouse (NOW).

Naturally yours,
Howard Garrett

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