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Saving Water

  1. Plant adapted plants - natives are best.
  2. Use compost, earthworm castings, organic fertilizer, dry molasses. Avoid synthetic fertilizers and toxic chemical pesticides.
  3. Add volcanic rock - i.e.; lava sand, basalt, etc.
  4. Mulch all bare soil.
  5. Water at night - 12:00-4:00. No - that doesn’t encourage disease - it rains at night.
  6. Be careful of drip irrigation. Water has a habit of seeking the path of least resistance. The result can be wet spots and dry spots.

    Saving Water

    Soil with 5% organic matter can hold almost 200 pounds of water in every 100 pounds of dry soil. A similar soil with only 1% organic matter can hold only 30 pounds of water in the same soil.

    If you extrapolate those numbers out, for every 1% increase in organic matter, the same 100 lbs of soil is able to absorb and hold 30-40 more lbs of water.  If I can find the chart that displays this info I will send it to you.

    Is it any wonder that golf courses can save money on water in an organic program? 

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