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Seed or Sod?


Q:  We just built a new house in Irving.  The soil is black clay and the yard has just been grated.  What do we add on top for grass?  If we want St. Augustine can we lay sod now or do we need to wait until spring?  If we hav to wait until spring, can we seed with rye grass seed now and cover that with St. Augustine in the the spring?



A:  If the budget allows, laying solid sod now would be the best plan. There is a slight risk of freeze damage but if the weather is bad enough to kill new sod it would also kill established grass. That is of course if the grass is planted properly. First of all make sure the sod thick, healthy and not dried out. Apply a thin layer of compost to the bare soil and then apply the sod. Fill the cracks with compost, roll or tamp the sod to eliminate the air pockets and water in well.





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