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Sesame: Sesame is probably the most ancient oilseed known to man. Sesame has been used throughout history in many cultures for many of purposes. For consumption, it has been used to make oil, flour, candy, and is the preparation of wine and brandy. It has been used medicinally for many ailments, including burns, earache, diarrhea, and sores it has been used as a perfume base, as a currency, and as a fuel for lamps. As a natural pesticide, it has been used to repel Tsetse flies in East Africa and control leaf-cutting ants in Brazil. During World War II, patriotic Americans used sesame oil and derivatives from flower petals to ward off pests in their victory gardens. Sesame is considered so safe that it is, in fact, on the FDA’s list of GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) materials. Plant residue of sesame tilled into the soil works effectively as a nematocide.

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