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Sevin is one of the most toxic pesticides still available to homeowners. As it states on the label, it is very deadly to honeybees, one of our most important beneficial insects. Take a look at all the additional information on the web.

Some folks use it for grasshoppers - it doesn't work, of course. Instead spray your plants with kaolin clay at 2 cups per gallon of water and add 1 oz of orange oil and 1 tablespoon of liquid soap. The commercial product is Surroundf WP.

Here are some other quality natural organic pesticides: Essentria IC3 and Neem.
"Women of Childbearing age Should Not Be involved in the Mixing, Loading or application or Carbaryl. In two experiments, one of them conducted by Union Carbine, pregnant dogs were administered carbaryl at doses ranging from 3 t- 50 milligrams per kilogram of body weight per day throughout the gestation period. In the first experiment, birth defects were seen in 11.6% of the pups compared to zero in the control group. The second experiment also resulted in stillbirths and defects. However, the EPA determined that the studies were flawed. In 1984 they ordered a repeat of the experiments and a new precautionary statement. Sevin products used for flea control on animals must now bear the warning: "Do not use this product on pregnant dogs."

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