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Shantung Maple

:  Shantung Maple

BOTANICAL NAME:  Acer truncatum

PRONUNCIATION:  A-sir trun-KA-tum

TYPE:  Deciduous – Sun

HEIGHT:  30-60 feet

SPREAD:  20-40 feet

SPACING:  20-30 feet

HABIT:  Attractive fast growing maple similar in appearance and characteristics to Caddo maple. Leaves are smooth and glossy and exude a milky sap when torn. Smooth bark, flowers not showy. Yellow-orange to orange fall color.

CULTURE:  Tolerates most soils, wet and dry weather conditions, high winds and other environmental stresses. Does best in healthy well-drained soils.

USES:  Fast growing shade tree with good fall color.

PROBLEMS:  Haven’t found any so far, except for one. It is very sensitive to drift of 2,4-D and other toxic herbicides.

NOTES:  A relatively new introduction, but this tree appears to be a real winner.

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