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Shrub Verbena

COMMON NAMES:  Lantana, Shrub Verbena

BOTANICAL NAME:  Lantana spp.


TYPE:  Perennial - Sun

HEIGHT:  1- 3 feet

SPREAD:  2-4 feet

SPACING:  12- 18 inches

HABIT:  Bushy growth all summer with flowers of yellow, white, orange, pink, blue, and purple. Trailing varieties are available. Some of the tough varieties will return each year.

CULTURE:  Easy to grow in any well-drained soil, likes good bed preparation. Drought tolerant. Regular fertilization will create more blooms.

USES:  Summer color, pots, hanging baskets, attracts hummingbirds.

PROBLEMS:  Whiteflies, but no big deal. Gets woody with age.

NOTES:  Berries are poisonous. Plant in spring. Native Texas lantana is L. horrida.

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