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Smart Pots Newsletter




Weed Solution From Listener




Here's a report from a listener on a clever use of the Smart Pots on a base that pretty much eliminates the frustration of weeding the vegetable garden.


Howard - Here is how we solved our grass problem. Put down a layer of 6 oz landscape mat then put Smart Pots on top of it. Best garden we have had in years and no fighting the grass.


Smart Pots


A new approach to container gardening. Better than black plastic planters, these soft-sided fabric containers prevent roots from circling and release heat so they're much cooler. Plants develop a better root structure. Better roots = better plants!


Photo of herb pots from Smart Pots site


Unique Features:

• Releases heat - roots stay cooler during hot weather
• Plants need repotting less often
• Air-prunes the plant’s root structure - stops root circling
• Reusable & folds flat for easy storage
• Non-breakable - fabric does NOT crack from frost or if dropped


Comment from listener: Smart Pots also don't get Fire Ants in them, since there is no way for them to have direct access to the ground. I have had one in my back yard, sitting directly on the soil, for 3 years. All my other beds and pots have had Fire Ants in them at one time or another. This bed never has. — Mary Cummings, RCW Nursery Houston


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Naturally yours,
Howard Garrett


P.S. A great spring holiday (Valentines, St. Patrick's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day) gift is a membership to the Organic Club of America or a donation to the Texas Organic Research Center. TORC's mission is to stop the broad scale use of toxic chemical pesticides and fertilizers and to develop natural organic programs that work better in every way.





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