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Spring is the primary time of the year when owners are interested in cleaning up contaminated soil.

If you know the previous owners of your property were using toxic chemical lawn care products, or if you don’t know what was being used, or if the chemical lawn care company that showed up at the wrong address contaminated your place, I can help.

Contamination from toxic pesticides like permethrin, MSMA, Merit, 2,4-D, Roundup or other glyphosate products, Sevin or any other destructive product, the solution is the same. Digging the soil out and hauling it off is not the answer. That just moves the problem from point A to point B. The answer is to encourage biological soil life and let it clean things up.

First, stop the contamination if it is continuing in any way. Fire the bad contractors and put the violators on notice that they are responsible for the cost of clean up. Second, apply fine textured humate or activated charcoal. Fine textured zeolite can be mixed with the carbon products or applied separately for additional help. These products need to be fine textured enough to mix with water and sprayed.

The next step is to spray all the foliage and drench the soil in the problem area with Garrett Juice with orange oil (D-Limonene) added at 2 ounces per gallon of mix. The carbon products (humates, compost tea in the Garrett Juice and charcoal) will tie up the contaminants immediately; Garrett Juice and orange oil will stimulate the microbes to feed on and breakdown the toxic molecules. Liquid molasses is in the Garrett Juice mix but adding additional molasses to the Garrett Juice mixture will help speed up the decontamination process. Adding a soil stimulant like Medina Soil Activator and a beneficial microbe product will speed up the process even more.

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