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Soil pH

Adjusting the pH of the soil is usually an unimportant consideration; it can be lowered with Texas greensand, vinegar, or sulfur. Unless you are trying to grow blueberries or some other acid demanding plant, don’t worry about it. The organic program and resulting healthy soil will cause the pH at the surface of the soil to be just about perfect.


QUESTION: The soil in my vegetable garden tested as pH 7.4. I've heard that soil that is too akaline binds trace minerals. How can I lower the pH?  K.W., Fort Worth

ANSWER: The amendments used in an organic program will help make trace minerals available to plant roots. Your pH is no problem. It's lower than what many gardeners in North Central Texas have. Mix compost, lava sand, Texas greensand, expanded shale, dry molasses and whole ground cornmeal into the garden soil to create a wonderful place for growing veggies and herbs.










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