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Solar Power - Home Chargng Station

A long-term, national shift away from generating electricity via fossil fuels would result in Electric Vehicles (EV) being powered by energy from entirely renewable sources. That is a true zero-emission vehicle. Thankfully, however, you don't have to wait for your local power company to install wind turbines before you can achieve this. You can take matters into your own hands.ectric 

To accurately regulate the cleanliness of the electricity your car uses, create your own. If you own your home, install solar panels on its roof to generate clean electricity, then purchase and install a Level 2 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment unit (EVSE). These charging docks can be hardwired or plugged into your home (via a NEMA 14-50 outlet) and will charge your EV in as little as four hours (you can charge with a regular 110-volt outlet, but that takes 8–12 hours for a full charge).

The prospect of installing solar panels on your home once meant a bill in the tens of thousands of dollars. Today, options for financing and leasing can often result in lower monthly bills than you pay your power company. By pairing solar panels with an in-home EV charger, you can suck clean energy right from the sky and power your EV with virtually zero cost to the planet and, eventually, zero cost to you.

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