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Soldier Beetle

Common Name
:  Soldier Beetle

Scientific Name:  Order Coleoptera, family Cantheridae, many species, Chaubiognathus pennsylvanicus

Size:  1/2" to 3/4"

Identification:  Adults are long, narrow, soft-bodied beetles, often orange or red with black or brown wings. Both larvae and adults are easily identified by their velvety covering. Wings are soft and parchment-like and don’t always reach the tip of the abdomen.

Habitat:  Soldier beetles like to do their hunting in yarrow, daisies, and other flowering plants.

Feeding Habits:  Aphids and other small insects pests.

Economic Importance: Beneficial.

Natural Control:  None needed.

Organic Control:  None needed.

Insight:  Colorful and highly beneficial insect that should be protected. Not seen that often but worth knowing about.


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