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Some Flies are Good Guys Newsletter




Some flies, especially the biting ones, are nasty pests. Horse flies, stable flies, deer flies and houseflies are annoying and they can give painful bites. Some of these flies can be a particular problem for dogs with vertical ears. Control of those flies is covered here Flies.

On the other hand, there are other flies that are not pests; they are wonderful beneficial insects. The first is the wasp looking black soldier fly. Its adult is a good pollinator and the larvae are maggots that have several benefits. More here Black Soldier Fly.

Other good flies include the tachinids. There are thousands of species and they all help control pest insects. Here’s more Tachinid Fly.

A bee-looking beneficial fly is the hover fly. Its adult is an excellent pollinator and the larva is a predator of pest insects. More here  Hover Fly.

The pretty iridescent longlegged fly is a predator on plants and in the soil. More here Longlegged Fly.

Black soldier fly - a help in the compost pile.

One of the many tachinid flies - notice the dramatic eyes and bristly butt.

Hover fly - adult is a pollinator, larva kills pest bugs.

Longlegged fly - adults are predators on plant pests, larvae are predators in the soil.

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