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Deciduous – Sun / Part Shade

Spirea spp.            Ht. 5’-7’ Spread 6’-8’

spy-REE-ah           Spacing 3’-5’

HABIT:   Rounded overall form, many stems from the ground, showy white or coral flowers in spring.  Bare in the winter. Minimal fall color. Many good species and cultivars.

CULTURE:  Extremely tough plant that will grow anywhere.

USES:  Specimen, accent, screen, white spring flowers. Should be used with evergreens.

PROBLEMS:  Relatively few.

NOTES: Landscape snobs think spirea is old fashioned – I think they are missing out on a great plant. ‘Vanhouttei’ spirea is a cross between two spireas from China. S. bumalda ‘Anthony Waterer’ is a beautiful coral-color flower that blooms later in the spring. Double Reeves Spirea S. cantoniensis ‘Lanceata’ is another excellent choice. Native to Asia


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