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Sprayers for Organics


Dirt Doctor Weekly Newsletter

Sprayers for Organics

I don’t often recommend hose end sprayers. They do the mixing for you, are inconsistent, often clog up and have a tendency to fall apart. They are okay for spraying microbe products, but not for fertilizers where the concentration and coverage are important. The sprayers I recommend are products that dispense the spray mix that you have created. Pump-up sprayers and trombone sprayers are the least expensive and good for small jobs.





Pump-up sprayer


  Trombone sprayer


Now I have an even better bit of advice – a backpack sprayer. The one I like best is made by STIHL, the company that makes my favorite chain saw. This quality product isn’t much more expensive than less quality products. STIHL also makes an inexpensive hand-held pump-up sprayer that works well.           

    Hand-held pump-up sprayer by STIHL





     Backpack sprayer

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