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Stonewall Jackson Elementary School

Mark Painter teaches environmental science through Stonewall's outdoor science lab. It's a position he helped create within the school district. The campus has a 20,000-square-foot vegetable, herb and wildflower garden, and the kids come to him once a week. "I'm not a traditional classroom teacher," says Mr. Painter.

"I've been a gardener all my life, have always been into plants and environmental issues, and I just thought I could help change the world through teaching."

Mr. Painter has been teaching for about 10 years and predicts more programs of this type. "The city is trying to 'green up,' becoming interested in community gardens, and we're trying to encourage the district to put in more positions like this, or to develop programs in the schools or districtwide. It ties in to nutrition, physical education – everything."  

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