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Storage Shed

What to Look For in a Quality Storage Shed

The array of storage shed choices can be dizzying. In this article, we’ll explore four quality indicators that can help you find the best quality storage shed for your garden, farm, or backyard paradise.

As the only storage shed company recommended by The Dirt Doctor, we’ll also take a look at how Ulrich Barns stacks up compared to these quality indicators.

Floor Framing

Portable buildings need to withstand the stress and strain of delivery. A solid floor system should be built with thick, 4x6 beams that run the length of the building. These form the foundation for your shed. The larger your shed, the more important this is.

Floor joists should preferably be 2x6, spaced at 16 inches or less. The Premier and Elite series sheds from Ulrich Barns have 2x6 joists spaced at 12 inches. Not only does this support the building well during delivery, but it’s strong enough to support any vehicle or heavy tools you may want to store in your building.



Good quality hinges serve two purposes: they support the weight of the doors and increase security.

Thick, strong hinges help prevent your doors from sagging over long-term use. Flimsy, lightweight hinges may work well for several years, but are more prone to letting the doors sag over time.

For security, Ulrich primarily uses carriage bolts with a smooth head on their hinges. Not only do they look great, they also make it nearly impossible for a burglar to remove the hinges.


Siding Finish

LP SmartSide is the industry standard for a durable, cost-effective siding. Additionally, some shed companies may also use a Hardie-style masonry lap siding on their high-end sheds.

Many shed companies, however, fail to properly install the siding per the manufacturer’s specifications. The LP SmartSide, for instance, requires that nail holes be caulked in order for the manufacturer’s warranty to be valid. Caulking the nail holes is the standard practice for all Ulrich sheds.



It’s hard to know what customer service will be like after you make the purchase. While your salesperson may be friendly and helpful, how do you know the company will deliver your building on time or service your warranty claim?

Fortunately, with the rise of the internet, shed buyers can now do their due diligence online by reading reviews. Ulrich Barns, for instance, has over 1700 reviews, with over 1600 five-star reviews.

No shed company is perfect, but reviews can help you make a confident choice.

Buying a shed isn’t rocket science when you know what to look for. Armed with this information, you can now make a smarter storage shed choice.

And be sure to check out the sheds at Ulrich. It’s hard to find a storage shed of higher quality than Ulrich.

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