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Sweet Bay

Bay (Laurus nobilis) is a wonderful herb for cooking and herb tea but also makes a great ornamental plant. This is mine and may be a champion size for the Dallas/Fort Worth area. It easy to grow in full sun or partial shade.

                                                                Logan, Hannah and the big bay

content_img.565.img.jpg  content_img.566.img.jpg

The latest photo of the my bay.

Tender evergreen shrub – Sun / Part Shade

Laurus nobilis

Ht. 50’ in warmer climates, under 8’ in northern part of state

LAR-us NO-bi-lis

Spread 5-20’ Spacing 5-10’

HABIT:  Upright evergreen with small creamy flowers in late spring followed by shiny black berries. Needs some protection against harsh winter winds in the northern half of Texas.

CULTURE:  Easy to grow in almost any situation. Does well in pots or in beds.

USES:  Flavoring for many foods and teas. Container plant. Potpourri, wreaths, fruit oil is used in making soap. Cut foliage is good for indoor arrangements.

PROBLEMS:  Few other than freeze damage in severe winters.

HARVEST:  Collect the evergreen leaves year round and use fresh or store the dried leaves in glass containers.

NOTES:  Mine has been outdoors for over 20 years and is over 20’ tall. The first several years it was in a pot outdoors. This is a great example of a plant's increased hardiness under an organic program.



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