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TAPIOCA PLANT, VARIEGATED (Cassara)              Tropical – Sun

Manihot esculenta                                                           Ht. 5-6’ Spread 4’-5’

MAN-ih-hoot es-cue-LEN-tah                                        Spacing 3’


HABIT:                  Tropical foliage plant with deeply lobed leaves accented by yellow central stripes. Stems are bright red.


CULTURE:           Very easy to grow from stem cuttings or transplants. Heat tolerant and has few problems. Treat as a fast growing, large summer annual.


USES:                   Accent plant for borders and big pots in the summer.


PROBLEMS:        Few other than overwatering.


NOTES:                There is also a solid green variety. Indians of South America use the fresh and dried roots as a food for people and livestock but the safety of regular eating is in question.



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