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Quercus shumardii or texana                  KWER-kus shoe-MARD-ee-eye, tex-AN-uh         

Deciduous         Sun                 Height  80 feet      Spread 80 feet            Spacing 20 - 50 feet


HABIT:  Graceful, upright and spreading, typically no central stem, fall color varies from brown to yellow to red. Fast-growing oak.

CULTURE:        Hard to establish, must have excellent drainage, not picky about soil type, drought tolerant.

USES:              Shade tree, fall color.

PROBLEMS:     Borers, scale, wet feet.

NOTES:            Red oaks are magnificent and graceful trees. They have always been one of my favorites but they are the subject of a large, confusing tree problem. Buying the right plant is not always easy. There are 3 red oaks that are very similar and will all work in the alkaline soils, Quercus shumardii, Quercus texana and Quercus gravesii is the Chisos oak.

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