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Tasmanian Devils Creature Feature

Tasmanian Devils find new home at San Diego zoo

 San Diego - Four Tasmanian devils are now living at the San Diego Zoo after arriving from Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Australia earlier this week.
According to Imperial Valley News, the devils are named Bradley, Bixby and De-Vos, and they are all males. The female's name is Usmar, and they were all brought to the zoo in order to increase awareness of Tasmanian devils. It is also to drum up support for Tasmanian devil conservation.
According to Fox, the San Diego Zoo is the only zoo in the nation to have endangered species. The Tasmanian devil is listed as endangered.
According to CBS, Tasmanian devils typically live in agriculture, forest and woodland areas, and in order to find prey or carrion they will use their sense of smell, as well as hearing.
The reason why they face extinction is because of devil facial tumor disease. It is a rare and contagious cancer that only devils carry.

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