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Texas Bug Book


By Howard Garrett and C. Malcolm Beck
Drawings by Gwen E. Gage  


"Overall this [book] is probably the best of its kind. Given the excellent

photography and affordability, it is definitely worth the purchase." - Whole Earth


"Texas Bug Book, unlike many of the characters it describes, is a keeper.

Highly recommended as a perfect companion volume to set beside

your native plant books." - Native Plant Society of Texas News

"If you plan on ever stepping outside, or staying inside, or going to bed,

Texas Bug Book is a wealth of information you can't possibly live without."

- Austin American-Statesman

"This book is recommended essentially to all humans above the age of three.

It conveys a wonderful message about our ecology and hope for

living within our environment." - Choice



"Definitive. This book is a must have for any organic library!" - Texas Organic News


Texas Bug Book is your complete guide for identifying and organically controlling all of the most common insects. Drawing on years of practical experience and research, organic gardening experts Howard Garrett and Malcolm Beck give detailed instructions on how to identify, understand the life cycle of, and control or protect insects, mites, snails, slugs, nematodes, and other critters. They also include striking color photos and black-and-white drawings to help you identify each bug. Garrett and Beck highlight the many useful roles that bugs play in nature and offer proven organic remedies for infestations of pest insects.


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