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Texas Organic Research Center (TORC)


What is TORC?

  • A non-profit research institute focused on demonstrating the effectiveness of organic approaches in gardening, landscape management and agribusiness. 
  • Emphasis is on conducting and facilitating research on organic methods, acting as a clearinghouse for information on organic approaches and increasing awareness through public education. 
  • Despite much interest and experimentation in organics, the “Organic Community” has not had the benefit of major funding for research or well-funded lobbyists to spread the word.



 Why is TORC important?


  • By bringing together existing research, facilitating and conducting new research and spreading the word through public information and education, TORC will respond to the demand for conclusive evidence that:
    • Organics work better than chemical approaches.
    • Organic solutions are less costly than chemicals.
  • Organics are safer and create a more healthful and sustaining environment.

How can I get involved?


  • As a start-up non-profit, TORC has a variety of needs. Our most urgent need is obtain funding which will be used to continue to develop our educational programs and web site, which will contain all the current research and related information supporting Organic programs.
  • Once funded, TORC plans to establish an office and research facilities. Two North Texas cities have expressed interest in being home to TORC and have volunteered land and some assistance.

          Contact Doug Sheldon for more information on how you can become involved.


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