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Toenail Fungus Treatment

What has originally reported to me by a listener is to put ½” of whole ground cornmeal in a flat pan that’s large enough to get your feet in. Add enough warm water to cover the feet and soak over an hour. Whole ground cornmeal works well. Soak feet for over an hour. More than one treatment may be needed.


Here is another tip from a listener:

"I found something that works great for toe nail fungus: Vicks VapoRub!  Smear a good gob on the toe nail and cover it with a bandage.  It cleared up my toe nail in just a few days that I had been fighting with for over a year; I even tried the corn gluten meal technique on your website and it didn’t clear it up completely. My 83 year old father tried it and it worked on two of his toes.Thanks for the great show and website."Daryl G. Reid,  Arlington, TX

Another technique that has been reported to work is applying tea tree oil to the nails on a daily basis while necessary.

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