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Tomato (Brandywine)

Last year was the first time that I planted Brandywine tomatoes and wanted to let you know how successful it was. I soaked the plants in a liquid seaweed solution before planting and put a handful of lava sand and sul-po-mag in each hole. The two plants yielded approximately 34 lbs of tomatoes. I have never seen tomatoes so big grown in Texas!! The largest tomato was 1 lb. 10 oz.and not one of the Brandywines cracked. I'm sure all the rain we got last year helped with the production, but all the other tomatoes I planted did not produce as well as the Brandywines. In the attached pictures, the sliced tomato yielded a platter full of "hamburger sized" slices that had a wonderful flavor. I served it with a homemade dressing of olive oil, basil flavored vinegar, fresh basil and garlic. What a wonderful combination of flavors!

Showing off my tomatoes last year to all my friends and neighbors was the best advertisement for organic gardening.

Keep up the good work!
Ground Crew Member
Gerry Price

Brandywine Tomato



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