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Tomato blight, Early blight, Southern blight

What causes healthy tomato plants leaves to start turning yellow at the bottom of the plant and gradually works up to the top? It's a disease called southern blight or early blight. Control comes from adding cornmeal to the normal organic soil amendments and spraying regularly with compost tea or Garrett Juice and cornmeal juice.

Q:  It seems like each year I get a good start on production, and then they turn brown and die. I am originally from Iowa and the producing period in considerably longer. So my question is how do I extend the life of my plants?

A:  Use my total organic program and put cornmeal in the soil. Spraying with Garrett Juice and garlic tea will reduce the problem significantly. There are many bushy tomatoes. They are called determinate rather than indeterminate. One of my favorite small bushy varieties is wild currant tomato. It is very easy to grow and the tomatoes are small and grape like - also delicious.  

Q:  On our Tomato plants the leaves are turning yellow at the bottom. What could the problem be?

A:  That is common fungal disease that hit all tomatoes to some degree at some time. Spraying Garrett Juice Pro weekly helps as does using cornmeal and/or dry garlic on the soil around the plants.  




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