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Tomatoes - Spider Mites

Question: For the last two or so years our tomato plants (whether started from seeds in the greenhouse or from purchased plants) grow very well and then at just about the time they begin to produce they are taken over by spider mites. Is there something that we can do to supplement our soil that might prevent this from happening?  Or is there something that we can feed the plants or spray?


Answer: Next crop spray every two weeks with Garrett Juice and Bio Wash. Also drench Garrett Juice and OrganaMax into the soil. Check your watering and make sure the soil stays moist but not wet. There is probably disease on the plant before the spider mites hit. Make sure the beds are prepared with compost, rock materials and sugars. The best rocks are zeolite and decomposed granite. The best sugars are whole ground cornmeal and dry molasses. Spidermites shouldn't be a problem in an organic program.





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