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Tomatoes and Salmonella


Dirt Doctor Weekly Newsletter - Tomatoes and Salmonella

First of all - the experts haven't figured out for sure whether the culprits are tomatoes, peppers or some other produce. Doesn't matter - here's the solution:  Wash the food thoroughly before it is served or before you eat it!





It also doesn't matter whether food is organically or synthetically grown in this case.  The contamination most likely came from the handling of the food someone along the line with dirt hands.    One report said this:


"The salmonella bacteria is common in animal feces. It is believed that the tomatoes somehow came in contact with animal feces during the growing or harvesting process. It is not common for tomatoes to cause this kind of illness without some external contamination source."  I agree that the bacteria probably came off of someone's dirty hands. Nobody, including organic growers uses raw manure.

What to use? Glad you ask. Clean the produce with liquid products such as Veggie Wash, Orange Guard or other natural cleaners.


Below are shots of untreated and treated fruits and vegetables.  The ugly ones are untreated.





content_img.5095.img.jpg content_img.5096.img.jpg
content_img.5098.img.jpg content_img.5099.img.jpg


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