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Tomatoes tainted with salmonella

traced to farms in Florida and Mexico

The Food and Drug Administration has not identified the source of contamination but on Friday the agency announced that it has completed the traceback for some of the tomatoes from the point of consumption back to farms in both Florida and Mexico.

FDA will narrow the investigation and identify the contamination point by conducting joint investigations with authorities in Florida and Mexico, sampling both domestic and imported product, and continuing to pursue new traceback investigations.

According to Dr. David Acheson, associate commissioner, FDA, “Now that FDA has identified the paths that those tomatoes have travelled between the farms to consumers, FDA will be looking all along those pathways to see where the contamination occurred.” Acheson emphasized that FDA will be looking at all points along the traceback supply chain, not just farms.

FDA’s advice to consumers, retailers, restaurateurs and food service operators has not changed and a list of tomato production areas NOT ASSOCIATED with the outbreak can be found on FDA’s website.

by dwjbolton

also updated its website Friday, reporting that 552 persons infected with Salmonella saintpaul with the same genetic fingerprint have been identified in 32 states and the District of Columbia. The onset of illness dates range from since April 10 to June 10. CDC considers this an ongoing outbreak.

Click here to read a transcript of FDA's media briefings or to listen to the replay dial 866-360-3314 in the United States.

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