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Tree Hugger Sprinklers

Winner of the 2021 Pinnacle Award for Best New Product at the National Hardware Show



Tree Hugger Sprinklers Available in three sizes: 7", 11", and 15".


A portion of the "About" section of the Tree Hugger website:

After severe drought and wildfires plagued the great state of Texas in 2010, I had trouble finding an efficient solution to keeping my trees hydrated. I searched high and low at big box stores to find the right sprinkler system, but I found nothing that could provide my newly planted trees with the 360 degree watering it needed. I set out to find a better solution: a sprinkler that would open up and surround my trees, and after experimenting with numerous PVC fittings from my local hardware store, the concept of the Tree Hugger Sprinkler was born. I showed my new invention to my family, and my oldest daughter jokingly said, “it hugs the trees, you should call it Tree Hugger,” and so I did.


About this item


WATER WHERE IT MATTERS: 360 Degree tree watering ring reaches from the trunk out to the nutrition zone


EFFICIENT ECO-FRIENDLY SOLUTION: Conserve water with this sprinkler ring tree irrigator by delivering it where it matters, the feeder roots


USE ON MULTIPLE TREES: The portable sprinkler system is simple to use for deep root watering on Trees, Plants and Shrubs


EASY TO USE: Compared to a tree soaker hose, tree ring watering bags or tree watering spikes



PROMOTES GROWTH: Have large healthy trees using this deep tree root watering tool that helps prevent stress and disease



Where to buy Tree Hugger Sprinklers: Available at HEB Backyard Stores, can be purchased from Amazon, and a variety of locations around Texas and the southwest US. Find current links on the product site. 




For more information: 
Contact Tree Hugger representatives on the Tree Hugger site and on Facebook





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