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Trees By Woods

Trees By Woods
(TBW) is passionate about trees and strives to help homeowners and businesses enhance and preserve the long tree value of their trees.  With proper care, trees have the potential to live for generations to come.  The value of what TBW provides is not only in taking care of your tree's current needs, but also in being concerned with what the tree will be in twenty years.

Quality tree care strives to be proactive rather than reactive.  When TBW' evaluates a tree, we look for the proper conditions and attempt to resolve the causes of future problems rather than simply treating symptoms.
Trees By Woods believes the following are the keys to healthy trees:
  1. Right tree for a location and proper conditions for the tree
  2. Properly exposed root flare, free of circling or girdling roots
  3. Proper watering practices  (this is critical as we see many trees struggle due to improper watering practices)
  4. Proper pruning techniques and avoidance of excessive pruning
  5. Monitoring and management of infestations and diseases as needed
  • Tree Pruning (Developmental, Routine and Emergency), Removals and Stump Grinding
  • Root Flare Exposure and Removal of Girdling or Encircling Roots
  • Tree Protection Planning and Implementation on Construction Sites
  • Tree Planting and Selective Landscape Enhancements
  • Tree Health Care, Fertilization, Aeration and Management of Infestations or Diseases

Trees by Woods
4722 Bengal Street.
Dallas, TX 75235



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