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Tribute to the King - Arnold Palmer Newsletter


Tribute to the King - Arnold Palmer

As a small tribute to Mr. Palmer, I wanted to let you know a little about the experience we had working with him on the project called Stoneglen Golf Club in Fort Worth, today known as The Golf Club at Fossil Creek. He and the head of his design group, Ed Seay, were great to work with and it was fascinating to witness firsthand the style and charisma of the golf star who changed the face and general interest of the sport. The golf industry and all golfers, pros and amateurs, owe him a lot and he will be missed.
Below is a photo signed for me by Arnold and Ed and a shot I took of them as we flew over the project before the construction started. We are currently having the many slides of the project digitized so a slideshow video can be put together that shows the entire process. There were many characters involved working together to make the project a success.
This is the original name of the project and the book we did showing the design of the course.

This is the overall master plan for the golf course with the original names of the holes.



Shot I took in the helicopter of Arnold and Ed looking at the site prior to construction beginning.

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