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Truth, Lies and Consequences – A Perspective on Vaccinations

I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, and a doctor.  It would be safe to say that I am a reasonable person; that I weigh the validity of issues such as politics, religion, the environment and healthcare by their factual merit and not my emotional bias.  I say this to preface what I am about to say, as it will go against everything that many of you have known and taken as truth for your entire life.  It is a very volatile subject and will not doubt polarize some people.  It is extremely difficult for individuals in the medical field to embrace.  It is hard for some members of my own family to embrace.  I have heard The Dirt Doctor enter the risky discussions about this on-air, and I’d like to expand on the topic of vaccinations for Ground Crew members that live as organically as they garden.   

Most American children, by the time they are of 18 months of age, typically receive at least ten vaccination injections, with combined cocktails of more than 25 viruses.  Depending on your state’s laws it could be more.  We as parents want to protect our children.  The doctor tells us that vaccination protects them, that they are safe and that the law requires them. 

LIE # 1:  There is no objective evidence from research that demonstrates your body will have antibody for a particular disease following vaccination.  (Schrieber, Viera, PhD.  Vaccination, The Medical Assault on the Immune System).  The safety of vaccinations will be critically scrutinized later in this article.  The idea that the government can tell you what you will put in your body or your child’s body is not only false but a violation of your freedom as an American.  There is provision in the law of almost every state for vaccination exemption based on personal, religious and medical reasons.  On a personal note, I have two children and neither one is vaccinated.  My oldest son is 7 and attends public school.  We claimed religious and medical exemptions.  My children have suffered no childhood illnesses outside of the occasional cold. 

Your medical doctor will most likely tell you that it is irresponsible for you not to vaccinate your child or yourself for that matter.  I would call attention to the massive “flu vaccine shortage scare”.  We are so conditioned to having these inoculations that we feel that we must have it to avoid disease.  The truth of the matter is that despite the widespread and massive vaccination for the flu, every year the CDC (Center for Disease Control) reports more and more cases of the flu even in the vaccinated population.  Therefore, if vaccination is to protect us from the illness why do we see more and more cases every year?  Vaccination is a very controversial subject and the stakes are enormous both in terms of financial profits and in the lives, health, immune systems and genetic makeup of the future generation.  On one hand we have the government and the medical/pharmaceutical industry telling us that vaccines are essential to the health of our society.  For this group, billions of dollars will be made every year based on this claim.  The power of government coercion and the ability to manipulate information are utilized to convince parents that not vaccinating their children is the moral and legal equivalent of child abuse. 

I recently read an article in a very popular parenting magazine dealing with vaccination.  The author opines that unvaccinated children pose a threat to vaccinated children and that the disease occurrence is being found in the vaccinated population as a result to exposure from unvaccinated individuals. 

LIE #2:  Well if I didn’t know anything about vaccination this might sound ok.  Most people who read that article probably had some disdain for those unvaccinated families who were accused of causing this problem.  The truth is that if vaccinations really did what they said they did – then a vaccinated person should not be at risk.  If they are just as likely to contract the illness after vaccination then what’s the point?  The REAL point is that there is no guarantee that you are protected from illness following vaccination.  The pharmaceutical companies that make vaccinations include disclaimers with all vaccines that state that there is no guarantee of immunity.  In Dr. Scheiber’s book it states that “Medicine today is controlled partly by government bureaucracy but mostly by the influence of the pharmaceutical multi-national corporations.  No wonder that any move away from the status quo is being resisted”.  Here we come to the real problem – vaccination works against the body’s natural self healing immune system, compromising and replacing our natural immunity with an attempt to provide a pharmaceutical immunity.  After several decades of vaccinated populations it is safe to say that vaccination is an unqualified failure. 


Volumes have been written on the true lack of evidence that vaccines provide immunity.  An equal amount has been written concerning the dangers of vaccinations.  I will use only one gross example in this article but I urge you to do your own investigation.  Polio is a prime example of a disease that most people feel has been eradicated by vaccination.  The truth is that polio was on the decline before the vaccination ever reached the public.  It is largely due to better hygiene and sanitation.  Polio incidents had declined 47% between 1923 and 1953 before the vaccine was administered.  After the vaccine was used the incidence of polio increased by as much as 642%.  I am not pulling these numbers out of the air.  I am using the CDC’s own records from Massachusetts who reported 273 cases of polio before the vaccine was utilized and 2,027 after the initiation of the vaccine.  The vaccine actually caused more cases of polio than it prevented.  This trend has continued and in fact the only reported cases of polio since 1992 has been as a direct result of the vaccine. 


The rises in certain diseases have actually been found to have a direct correlation with the increase in mass inoculation - SIDS, asthma, ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, autism, cancer, sociopathic behavior, autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and many others. 


Even as I write this article I hear the 60 Minutes story where they tout the safety of the vaccines.  In the story they never interview a scientist who does not support vaccination.  They did not look at the real research and they again used claims that vaccinations are safe and necessary. They also use a scare technique that the vaccinated population will be affected.  As with everything in mainstream media, this segment does not tell you both sides of the story – only the side that they want you to hear.  The scientific research that demonstrates vaccine failures are available are typically swept under the rug for the public as this is a multi-billion dollar industry. 


I could write volumes concerning this but for the sake of this article, I will move on.  The thought that the human body is so weak and inefficient that it is unable to fight its own battles is a slap in the face to our inherent physiological makeup.  Our bodies were made with a very efficient and complex fighting system.  When the body is given what it requires nutritionally and environmentally it will have the necessary means to fight disease.  The occasional illness can be an effective “training exercise” to teach the immune system how to fight its own battles.  Many researches indicate that many childhood illnesses are a part of the needed “training” to facilitate effective adult immunity.  When the body’s inherent immunity is not challenged and is replaced by pharmaceutical immunity the body will become lazy and ineffective. 


LIE #3:  Vaccines are safe for the general population.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  If in fact vaccines were safe, the government would not have the “National Vaccine Victim Fund”.  This is a multimillion dollar fund to pay damages to individuals who have been injured or killed as a result of vaccination use.  If vaccines were safe, there would be no need for lengthy disclaimers and warnings that are given with the vaccines and that are included with inoculation.  This is truly not a matter of health – it is a matter of money – lots of money. 


This subject deserves much more discussion than has been provided here.  I encourage you to do your own research and consult individuals on both sides on the issue.  Failure to be informed objectively could be detrimental to your health.


In closing I would like to leave you with the thought that our bodies are made to be self-sufficient, self-healing and effective against the environment.  We have strayed so far from the innate natural way of food production, eating and preventative health that it is obvious why we are a medically dependant society. 



Dr. Kellie Timberlake-Lancaster, D.C.

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