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First Vegetable Garden



I had a fun thing happen on the show this past weekend. The question came in by email, but we discussed it on the show. Here is the question:


Subject: First time gardener

Q: I am 13 years old and want to make a garden. We have sandy soil and I have 3 horses. I want to make a 12 x 25 garden. My grandpa knows how to do it organically and has told me what to do. What would be 4 herbs and 4 veggies to grow in the garden for my first garden? — Thanks, B.B., Alvarado


A: Welcome to the gardening world and thank your grandpa for introducing you to organics. It's hard to recommend just four plants in each category, so I'll give you six, and you can make the pick.


For herbs: For vegetables:
Basil Tomatoes
Oregano Peppers
Garlic chives Onions
Parsley Squash
Peppermint Bush beans
Comfrey Carrots


Rosemary was suggested by a listener. Comfrey is not edible but very useful for soothing insect bites and stings as well as poison ivy rash. Some larger growing food crops to plant in the landscape include jicama, pomegranate, jujube, hibiscus, bay, and roses.




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Naturally yours,
Howard Garrett







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