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Verbena Almond


BOTANICAL NAME:  Verbena spp.

TYPE:  Perennial  
HABIT:  Low, spreading perennial, blooms red, white, salmon, purple all summer.


CULTURE:  Easy to grow in well-drained beds, low water and fertilization requirements.

USES:  Summer color.
PROBLEMS:  Red spider mites occasionally.
NOTES:  The natives are prairie verbena (V. bipinnatifida) and moss verbena (V. tenuisecta). Pink Parfait is a beautiful, large-flowered evergreen. The cultivated varieties are good as well.


Sweet Almond Verbena (Aloysia virgata) is a sweetly fragrant perennial or deciduous shrub with spikes of white blooms summer to fall. Prune in early spring and between bloom cycles for denser growth. Plant in full sun to part shade. Grows to 10'. Looks like butterfly bush (Buddleia).

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Dear Dirt Doctor,
Thank you for recommending the Almond Verbena. I heard you mention it on your Sunday morning show about a year ago and started looking for one then. You said they were difficult to locate.  Stuart Nursery & Landscaping in Weatherford located a source and we planted this one about 4 weeks ago.  Just as you said, it started blooming almost immediately and we can detect its sweet aroma as we walk down the drive.
Thank you again for your recommendation.
Steve & Patti Holmes


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