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Viburnum Snowball

content_img.721.img.jpgDeciduous or Evergreen – Sun / Fairly Heavy Shade
Viburnum spp.
Ht. 6’-15’ Spread 5’-8’
Spacing 4’-8’

HABIT:  Beautiful white or pink-tinged flowers in spring, sizes vary from small to huge and showy. Full, rounded shrubs with a variety of leaf and flower sizes. Some are open-growing. Deciduous viburnums are the most cold hardy, evergreens are the most sensitive and are best used in the southern half of the state. V. ‘Blancho’ is a small-leafed cultivar.

CULTURE: Grows best in well-prepared, healthy soil.

USES:  Background, screen, spring color, cut flowers.

PROBLEMS: Very few, should be used more.

NOTES:  V. macrocephalum is the more showy blooming Chinese snowball. V. burkwoodii is an excellent semi evergreen with gorgeous spring flowers. V. caricephalum is the fragrant viburnum. ‘Spring Bouquet’ is a smaller evergreen cultivar. Viburnum plicatum var. tomentosum ‘Doublefile’ is a gorgeous dogwood-like small tree.

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