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Vinca major (minor) (​VIN-cah)

Evergreen - Part shade - groundcover

Height 6" - 18" Spacing 12"


HABIT:  Coarse groundcover for large areas in shade. Spreads quickly and has blue flowers in late spring.

CULTURE:  Plant in any soil in shade. Relatively drought tolerant once established. Zones 4 - 9.

USES:  Good plant for a naturally wooded area.

PROBLEMS:  Leaf rollers, cutworms.

NOTES:  Native to Europe and Asia. Not very good to use on residential property where closely inspected. V. major is the large-leafed, more commonly used variety. V. minor has smaller, shinier leaves, is more refined in appearance, and can tolerate more sun.


Variegated Vinca major

Vinca major sometimes looks pretty ratty in late summer. It does far better under an organic program.

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