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Vines Commentary

Best Vines - Daily Tip June 2005

Which plants give you the most for your money?  Climbing vines are plants which, for the least amount of money, will give you the most greenery and flowers in the shortest period of time. Vines do not have the long term value of trees, but are still a good investment.


Vines are the best plant values and can be planted from 1 or 5 gallon containers.  They grow quickly and look good in a short period of time.   Vines provide quick shade, vertical softening or a colorful flower display.   My favorite vines include sweet autumn clematis, which is bare in winter but has lots of small fragrant white flowers in late summer. Crossvine is a native evergreen with yellow and red trumpet-shaped spring flowers. Coral honeysuckle is a summer blooming evergreen with red flowers that hummingbirds love.  Don’t plant regular honeysuckle –  it is a weed. Cypress vine is another red flowering vine. Boston ivy is a wall-climbing, deciduous vine that sometimes has pretty red fall color. Carolina jessamine is a pretty evergreen with yellow spring flowers. Passion flower is a fast-growing deciduous vine with large spectacular flowers. Hyacinth bean is a colorful vine that can be planted from seed.


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