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PANSY                                          Annual – Sun

Viola hybrids                                  Ht. 6”-8” Spread 8”-12”

vie-OH-la                                        Spacing 6”-9”

Johnny-jump-up is a smaller species with purple, yellow  and white flowers.


HABIT:        Low growing winter and spring flowering annual. Yellow, white, blue and bronze.

CULTURE:   Well prepared and drained beds, ample water and fertilizer.

USES:         Winter and cool season flowers.

PROBLEMS:  Extreme freezes, aphids, cutworms.

NOTES:       Plant in October or late winter. In mild winter pansies will bloom
from fall to spring. Giant flower varieties are available. Native to Europe.

QUESTION: Does it help to fertilize pansies during winter? R.S., Fort Worth

ANSWER: Yes. Use a dry organic fertilizer at least once and spray the foliage with compost tea or my Garrett Juice formula. It's also time to make the first major fertilizer application of the year on the entire property.




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