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OAK, WHITE     Forked-leaf White Oak                                                  

Quercus alba                 (KWER-kus ALL-ba)   

Deciduous  Sun            Height  80 feet to over 100 feet   Spread 50-60 feet   Spacing 30 - 50 feet

HABIT:  Large, gorgeous tree with beautiful summer foliage and excellent red fall color. White oak has my favorite tree foliage. Leaves are deeply cut and rounded on the edges. Summer foliage color is deep green to slightly blue-green. Fall color will range from wine red to orange red.

CULTURE:        White oak is easy to grow in acid to neutral soils. Likes sandy soils best. It is fairly drought tolerant and requires little fertilizer.

USES:              Shade tree.

PROBLEMS:     Will struggle in high pH soils. It must have deep, neutral-to-acid sandy loam.

NOTES:            White oak is without doubt one of our state’s most beautiful trees

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