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OLIVE, WILD                                                                Evergreen – Sun

Cordia boissieri                                                              Ht. 15- 25 feet    Spread 10- 15 feet

KOR-dee-ah BOIS-see-err-ee                                          Spacing 10- 15 feet


HABIT:              Grows in the far southern tip of Texas in the counties along the Rio Grande. Adaptable as far north as San Antonio but will freeze to the ground there in harsh winters. This is the beautiful tree just to the left of the front door of the Alamo in San Antonio. It is a rounded evergreen tree with dramatic, 2 inches hibiscus-like white flowers and velvety leaves.

CULTURE:        Needs a lot of water to get established but is drought tolerant once established.

USES:              Small dramatic specimen tree. Excellent butterfly attractor.

PROBLEMS:     Freeze damage can occur anywhere north of San Antonio.

NOTES:                        Fruit is reported to be sweet, pulpy, and edible, although warnings exist that it can cause dizziness when eaten in excess.


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