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Walkways & Icy Roads


Misinformed folks start throwing rock salt, table salt, ice cream salt and high salt fertilizers out to try to prevent slipping on ice. These techniques and products are bad. They are bad for the soil, bad for the plants, bad for the water supply and bad for the environment in general


Here in Texas, concrete sand is primarily used by the Texas Highway Department and seems to do a good job on highways and is non-polluting. Some work has been done in Texas and other states with magnesium products and other non-toxic choices. What we recommend for home and commercial office building use is lava sand or granite sand. These materials are not only non-toxic, they are good for the soil, and the plants as they are washed or swept from the paving into lawns, right of ways and other planting


Lava sand tackles icy paths and driveways and later is beneficial for the soil it washes into. 


Tip for walking on ice:

Tube socks turned inside out (rough side out) pull socks over shoes. Gives traction for walking.





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