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Most wasps are beneficial - probably all of them are. Small wasps like trichogramma and braconid wasps don’t even sting. Some wasps eat worms and other pest insects, other parasitize the eggs of pest insects. If wasp nests aren’t in places where kids and/or anyone highly allergic could bump into them and get stung, leave them alone. If the wasps have to be moved, use citrus sprays or garlic-pepper tea. These materials will repel or even kill without contaminating the site. For aggressive bees, hornets and wasps in the ground, use a orange oil, compost tea, molasses Mound Drench. See organic Guides for recipe. Use red cellophane over a flashlight. Apply at night and seal the hole in the ground with a wooden stake or large rock and run like hell. It would be best to give this job to a pest control operator. Baits of honey with a small amount of boric acid will also help control the aggressive ones. Make sure pets or kids can't get to the baits.


Instructions for releasing Trichogramma


Trichogramma eggs are glued to the black strip you see inside the bag.There are holes punched at each end of the strip and perforations in Middle of the strips so that it may easily be torn into two pieces. There will also be loose black or gray eggs inside the bag but they will not move. There are enough Trichogramma eggs on one strip to treat 25 pecan trees.


  • Under good lighting, watch to see if there is movement in the bag. When the Trichogramma start to hatch you will see tiny insects moving inside the bag.  Remember-the loose eggs will not move.
  • A magnifying glass is needed to be sure you are seeing movement.
  • A wire or paper clip or needle and heavy thread are needed to attach the strip (or a 1-inch piece of the strip) to the tree. The strips can be cut into five one-inch pieces if you desire.
  • Late in the evening, take the unopened bag outside to the trees on which you wish to place the Trichogramma. If you have more than five pecan (or oak) trees in your yard, it is suggested to cut the strip into five one-inch pieces. Hang these pieces in the trees on the south side of the tree (so the wind will blow the Trichogramma into the tree). Pierce the strip with one end of the paper clip.  Do not slide it over the paper because you will knock off Trichogramma eggs.


Question: I hung the trichogramma wasps on my pecan tree and within hours ants were eating the eggs. How do I keep the ants away?


Answer: Apply Vaseline to the pin or nail. The ants won't be able to crawl across to the eggs. One of the most important parts of a successful trichogramma release is to control the fire ants. Most organic gardeners don't usually have a problem with them, but outbreaks can be handled with orange oil drenches, beneficial nematodes, spinosad and/or dry molasses





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