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Water Oak

Botanical Name
:  Oak Quercus nigra (KWER-kus NI-gra)
Common Names:  Possum Oak, Duck Oak, Spotted  

Deciduous to semi evergreen Sun
Height:  50 - 80 feet
Spread:  30- 50- feet
Spacing:  20- 50- feet

Habit:  Large growing and spreading shade tree. The leaves are spoon-shaped, persistent, and sometimes evergreen. Some trees will be completely deciduous and other almost totally evergreen. Weak fall color varies from yellow to brown.

Culture:  Likes moist, neutral-to-acid soils and can be even grown in waterlogged, oxygen-deficient soils where other trees would have a great problem.

Uses:  Shade tree.

Problems: This tree needs plenty of moisture and neutral-to-acid soils. It will not grow well in the alkaline black and white soils of north and central Texas.

Notes:  Laurel oak Quercus laurifolia is similar in appearance and adaptability and is often found growing near water oak.


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