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Yes, I planted the false strawberry years ago as a ground cover in some bed somewhere. Years later the invasive little plant had spread by seed and runners to take over most of the last bit of lawn we have - last bit because of the shade. I planted too many trees.

The point of this newsletter is a success story on the control of these weeds. The product is called Agralawn Crabgrass Killer and the active ingredient is cinnamon. And it works! It is simply dusted onto the problem area after having wet the foliage thoroughly.


Agralawn Crabgrass Killer is an excellent organic herbicide. It kills crabgrass, clover, barren strawberry (Duchesnea), also known as false strawberry or mock strawberry, Virginia buttonweed and other weeds. This product doesn’t seem to work very well on grasses and broadleaf plants having slick glossy foliage.


Here’s what my St. Augustine looks like now. There was some yellowing of the grass at first, but it came back strong in about a week. Not bad for a low technology food product.

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