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Weed Removal

Hand-pull large weeds, mulch all bare soil and work on soil health for overall control. Avoid the toxic chemical herbicides, especially pre-emergent types and those that contain 2,4-D.


Use 10% (100 grain) vinegar or stronger at full strength and/or citrus oil as effective organic herbicides on hot days. Be sure to clean vinegar thoroughly out of metal spray parts, it is very corrosive.



Use "The Weeder" or "Lawn Claw" for mechanical weed removal. Apply corn gluten meal in the Spring and Fall to control annual weeds such as grass burrs. Avoid all SU herbicides and those containing Picloram.


Other Weed Removal:

Remove the weed physically with mechanical devices. In beds cover the weeds with newspaper and mulch. Spot spray with the vinegar herbicide formula. For turf, overseed problem areas with ryegrass in the fall. Applying corn gluten meal in the spring at 20 pounds per 1,000 square feet prior to seed germination is also helpful. An important point to remember is that nutgrass (nutsedge) grows primarily in wet anaerobic soil. Applying hydrogen peroxide, the kind at the drug store, full strength to the problem areas can help. Also let the area dry out better between watering, improve soil health, improve drainage and help the soil to drain better.





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