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Weekly Radio Broadcast - April 11, 2010


 April 11,  2010  content_img.2334.img.gif


  1st Hour

In Howard’s Garden
Fertilizing with Garrett Juice & Bio S.I. from Alpha Bio Systems.  Tea with Greek oregano and peppermint - Best time to add honey.  The Creature feature. The New Saturday show - Green Living.  The Green Living Expo. Bio S.I. and the different labels.  Pine tree split. Small Front yard with a lot of weeds.  Rye grass.  Killing Arizona ash. Too Early to apply Trichogramma Wasp.  Swimming Pool drained into yard.

  2nd Hour

Starting a new lot from scratch.  Grasshopper control - flour for Grasshopper control..  Ironite is not acceptable in an organic program!  The Newsletter.  The Eco Smart Pest Control new sponsor.  How to get rid of a fire ant mound with Corn Gluten Meal and Dry Molasses.  Controlling Mole Crickets.  Raised Beds.  How to Control Mint that has spread.  Dry Molasses.  Sugar Snaps rotting below the surface.

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 3rd Hour

Organics in the News
How often to apply Bio S.I..  Controlling weeds and poison Ivy.  What part of the Dandelion plant can you eat.  Applying Garrett Juice on potted plants.  Peat Pots.  Using Vinegar to kill weeds and grass for a new bed.  Which aerators to use.  Using freezer burned Catfish in compost piles without the odor.  Getting rid of a Grackle bird.  Will Boric Acid hurt lizards.  What if the Bermuda grass has too much shade.

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