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Weekly Radio Broadcast - April 13, 2008



 April 13, 2008  content_img.2334.img.gif



In Howard’s Garden 

Protecting Plants from Freeze,
Floating Row Cover; Live Green Expo, Organic
 Products, See Howard 1:00 – 2:30 on the 19th of
 April at Whole Foods Preston Road in Dallas for
Earth Day; Arizona Ash, Borers; Powdery Mildew
 on Roses; Lemon Tree, Banana Tree; Bog Garden,
 Anaerobic; Tomato Leaves Yellowing; Hail Damaged
Plants; Holes in Vegetable Garden.
Nature’s Creation; Tierra Verde Golf Course,
Interview with Mark Claburn:
Golf Course Superintendent, Tierra Verde Golf Course –,
Organic Fertilization Program, Money Savings,
More Effective; Forest Pansy Red Oak, Plant Wash.
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Organics in the News
Johnson Grass; Worms in Planting Bed, Grubs;
 Power Company Cut Trees; Shelf Life for Spinosad;
Broccoli; Drooping Plants, Dog Chewing Plants;
Companion Planting for Tomatoes, Biodiversity;
Spots on Cactus; Spray for Flies on Horses,
Fig Leaves Yellow then Drop; Pear Tree,
Austrian Pine, Rust; Composting in Plastic
Drum; Holly has White Specks with Fuzz on Leaves.

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