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Weekly Radio Broadcast - April 25, 2010


 April 25,  2010  content_img.2334.img.gif


  1st Hour

Earth Day. Going Green Synthetic Fertilizers. A bed with compost and a bed without compost.  A Peach tree problem. Tropicana study on making orange juice. Three year-old Magnolia tree with yellow leaves. Fire Ants in the compost pile.

  2nd Hour

Grubworms in the vegetable garden. Trying a new tea. Garlic and Onion blooms. Spider webs in a Rosemary plant at harvest time. Apple tree leaning from high winds. Stimulating tree growth. Too many grubworms, and another round of organic fertilizer. Live Oak with little drill holes.

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 3rd Hour

Peach tree with Mites.  Planting Tomatoes. Live Oak tree rotting at center of trunk. Garden ville products with Bio Solids. Acuba plant dying in an odd way. Thirty year-old live oak bark peeling from ground up.  Keeping ticks off a new property.

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